The OmniDefend Customer Verification System (CVS) is OmniDefend extended for the banking industry, providing extended APIs and reporting to allow financial institutions to easily integrate employee login via strong authentication with OmniDefend through its Core Banking Systems (CBS) operator screens.

OmniDefend CVS will enable banks to provide additional value to their customers, as well as their employees, by enhancing and simplifying the verification process.

Customers will be able to quickly and easily sign in to their accounts with their fingerprint or signature, eliminating the need to provide identification or account information to carry out banking transactions.

  The OmniDefend Customer Verification System
will enable banks to:  

  • Profitably acquire new customers and retain existing ones

  • Increase customer satisfaction by allowing customers to sign into their accounts just with a finger swipe or a signature

  • Minimize employee sign-in time by enabling single sign-on to multiple accounts with a single biometric authentication

  • IT manage all customers and tellers from a single console and dashboard

  • Detect fraud and reduce charge-offs

  • Introduce additional authentication procedures, such as knowledge-based authentication questions for the riskiest applicants or transactions

  • Meet compliance due-diligence requirements during application and account management processes


  • Manage both customer verifications and employee sign-ins from a single console

  • Allow your employees to sign-in to all of their accounts without passwords

  • Supports many different biometric technologies using state-of-the-art matching algorithms

  • Deployed as a stand-alone solution or integrated into your core banking applications simple and secure

  • Quickly and easily meet compliance

For secure banking

To retain customers

Enabling banks to provide additional value to their customers by enhancing and simplifying the customer verification process

Enabling customers to quickly verify their identity and carry out secure transactions through biometric authentication

Eliminates and Addresses

  • Stolen Checks

  • Forged or Altered Checks

  • Accounting Fraud

  • Rogue Transactions

  • Fradulent Loan Applications

  • Forged Documents